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Products & Services

Our services range from a simple repair, supply only or supply and install. The client has the flexibility and freedom of choice to choose the required service that suits their requirements and job at hand.

CCTV -   We provide tailor made CCTV solutions for home and businesses. We design your setup and fitment according to your requirements. Use of only the best quality products are used to ensure optimum user interface. All our cameras have night vision. All systems are fitted with back up and record functions. You have the freedom to remotely view your business, home and properties anywhere in the world.

Access control -  Access control from a security perspective is vital as your entrance / exit is controlled remotely whilst you sit at home or in the office dictating who enters your property. This saves you from having to make your way to the main entrance and open up your business or property. We have various solutions that caters for these needs and we also cover visual access control.

Intercom systems -  Intercoms are very handy as they safe guard the user from having to confront any person at your entrance to home or business. You can safely pass your message across in the safety of your home or business. You can also authorise or decline entry. We cater for visual intercom systems as well.

Automation -  Automating your home or business plays a huge role in safety and security. It also makes life much easier as well. With a touch of a button you can remotely open a pedestrian gate, driveway gate, garage door or front / rear door.

Garage doors -  Your garage door is just as important as your front door. A professionally fitted garage door can deter any potential intruder. We use only the best components and material to manufacture and install your garage door. We cater for all types of garage doors. Sectional garage doors, roll up garage doors and tip up garage doors. We offer supply and installation for meranti wooden garage doors, fibreglass garage doors and steel garage doors. We also cater for garage door repairs which is inexpensive and quick.

Electric fence -  Electric fencing is a very user friendly and secure way of keeping your home or business safe from intruders. The parameters of your home / business are are kept safe by means of electric stainless steel wires with surges of power running through the wires. This can be controlled remotely from within the comfort of your home or business.

Gates and burglar guards - We fabricate only the best steel gates and burglar guards. Our products are meticulously made with attention to detail and designed as per the clients requirements. The client has a variety of steel gates, panel gates, meranti gates and designer gates to choose from.